Podcast: Conversation with Brooke Dunwell

Brooke Dunwell: Boj by Detroit Startup WeekBrooke

Dunwell is the Founder of Boj, a mobile app that connects current college students and graduates to job opportunities within companies that hire recent college grads and or interns. It is simple and easy for college students to create a profile, upload their resume, and submit a self-video.

Boj: www.bojapp.com


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Podcast: Conversation with Rachel Nelson

Rachel Nelson: RL Concetti by Detroit Startup Week

After getting her Bachelors of Fine Arts from the Kendall College of Art and Design, Rachel moved from Grand Rapids to the Detroit area. After a variety of gigs as a design consultant and interior designer, she started RL Concetti with her business partner, Lauren DeLaurentiis. Their goal, through design, is to capture the gut feeling you get when you feel something is right.

RL Concetti: www.rlconcetti.com/

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Podcast: Conversation with Stephanie Mckire & Sydney Davis

Stephanie Mckire & Sydney Davis: Hype Digital Innovation by Detroit Startup Week

After leaving her job at Ford Motor Company, Stephanie started Hype Digital Innovations after seeing the need small businesses had for their own mobile app.

Hype Digital Innovation: apps.hypedigitalinnovation.com/

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Podcast: Conversation with Gaurav Mukhi

Gaurav Mukhi: Team Valiant by Detroit Startup Week

Gaurav Mukhi has over a decade of experience in multimedia and marketing. He’s a self-taught digital marketer, and he’s here to help you grow your brand!

Team Valiant: www.valiantvibes.com/

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Podcast: Conversation with Jevona Watson

Jevona Watson: Detroit Sip by Detroit Startup Week

Detroit Sip is a coffee shop and community magnet for the University District in Detroit. Jevona started it because during her undergrad and law degree from Michigan State University, she felt the positive impact coffee shops had on her college experience and wanted to provide that same experience to the students at U of D-Mercy and Marygrove College. They’re located at 7420 W. McNichols, Detroit, MI, so please feel free to check them out.

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