#DetSW18 Celebrates the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Michigan has been a magnet for innovation and entrepreneurship for hundreds of years, from fur and timber to mining, manufacturing, and mobility.
Detroit is Michigan’s economic epicenter. Ann Arbor is its research hub. The entrepreneurial ecosystem stretches from the thumb downriver, and from the mitten to Canada. Innovation, meet traction. Will, meet way.

This year, Techstars Detroit Startup Week celebrates the unity and diversity of our broad and vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem by building regional connective tissue and bringing together hundreds of startups, thousands of entrepreneurs, and millions of dollars in investment capital.

Ann Arbor and Detroit both attract new talent and capital to the state, which the entrepreneurial ecosystem challenges, rewards, and recycles. The synergies we forge at Startup Week help retain these critical resources, building regional wealth and sustainability.
Techstars Detroit Startup Week is investing regionally to break down internal (and international) barriers, hoist a big tent, invite broad collaboration, and advance the broad and diverse community of Michigan innovators.
Zoom out: what does this look like? It looks like a community. It looks like an ecosystem. It looks like a region bootstrapping itself, marshaling resources, and investing in its entrepreneurial future. It looks a lot like Michigan.
David Bloom
University of Michigan School of Information
[photo credit: Tara Turkington, www.taradanielle.com]


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